Android Email App

Smartphones are rightly getting everyone addicted these days. Laced with the latest technologies and applications we now have a wide range of Android Smartphones that has got most of us hooked onto our tabs all the time. One of the most engaging and hi-tech applications that comes handy with every Smartphone is the Android Email App. This email app has been considered as one of the strongest features in smartphones. It is used for managing emails at a time when each one of us are so engrossed in other works all the time and simply do not have to sit back and read our emails and reply to them.  Every Android Smartphone comes with a pre-installed the android email app but there are also a wide range of other email apps which you are free to install in your phone anytime. If you want to know about some of the best android email apps available then go ahead and read this article further.

a) MailDroid – This is an aesthetically minimal, powerful and multiservice android email app that will take all your tensions and handle your nagging emails with ease. It provides a wide range of features and facilities like downloading attachments, spell check, saving, sleep mode, status bar notification, etc. You can simply draft, send, delete your mails almost any time of the day and no matter wherever you are.

Android Email App

b) K-9 Mail – K-9 mail is one of the most widely used android email app that has the ability of tracking more than one accounts at the same time. Moreover, it is very easy to set up an account using this app. The interface is such that you can view the maximum information on your phone and almost all the options are visible leaving no chances for uncertainty. It is easy to handle large volumes of email using K-9. This is a highly customizable android email app.

c) Aqua Mail – This is the latest on the android email app list. It is very to set up and has a very good visual appeal. It can support more than one mailing service at the same time. It also has features like saving of attachments in the memory card, syncing multiple email accounts, widgets, customization of settings, etc. This android email app comes at a relatively cheaper price than most of its market competitors.

d) Gmail – The Gmail Android Email App is an invention of Google and thus it is a very user friendly, clean and fun app that is a favorite of many android lovers. This app features push notifications and you can receive your mails instantly and also respond to them as quick as a wink. You can also view any kind of attachments and also save them accordingly. It facilitates easy navigation through messages.

e) Yahoo Mail – This is probably the first best email service provider that came a few years back and took the world by storm. The Yahoo Mail is one such popular android email app that is used very commonly. The theme and layout of the app is very modern and aesthetic and the app is very easy to use. Even a novice will fall in love with the simplicity and user friendly appeal of the Yahoo Mail. You can just view your inbox in a matter of one second just by giving one tap. You will always receive notifications whenever you receive an email, thus, email handling will be a cakewalk for you. All in all the Yahoo Mail is a perfect amalgamation of excellent features, reliability and good speed when it comes to android email apps.

f) Enhanced Email – The Enhanced Email android email app is not a free email app but is one of the best email apps to have ever hit the market. No doubt, its price is definitely worth the service you will get once you install this android email app. It has various high-end features such as restore accounts, backup, custom font, entire search of email, etc. Moreover it also allows you to sort your emails in a number of ways like copy and select text, auto BBC, etc, It has many other options and despite having such high tech features it is simple and very easy to use.


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